Mobile Point of Sale for the food business.
Restaurant of all sizes – from startup takeaway to large dining – use RiekiPOS software to manage and operate their businesses.

Easy carry on floor staff Cashier Mobile.

Provide your staff a portable device to take orders at the table, and the order will instantly receive/print at the kitchen. Staff RiekiPOS is the best way to reduce double handling and increase efficiency for the operation.
  • Restaurants and takeaways specialized functions
  • Fast ordering shortcuts in just few taps
  • Premium functions included in all plans

Quality customer self ordering experience while lesser floor staff.

When business situation changes, your can choose to decrease floor staff, use Self Tablet to customze your workflow. Fit to any restaurant workflow. Run store with combination of Self Tablet with minimal floor staff.
  • Increase additional order per customer
  • Maximize cross-selling menu items
  • Customized layout and branding available

Contactless QR-code customer self service ordering.

“No-touch” menus through scanning the QR code and browsing a menu, place the order at the table in the restaurant via customer’s own mobile devices.
  • Self paced customers menu access and ordering
  • Ready for a hygiene-friendly workflow
  • Orders placed from customer own device

Easily manage and maximize kitchen output.

Manage kitchen workflows, food quality, and speed of service more effectively. Control order routing to desired section. Customise your kitchen codes. Reduce error. Receive details such as extra toppings, remove ingredients etc visually. Quickly filter the orders and make grouping for the same item numbers.
  • Sectioning such as drinks, deep fried, main
  • Order labels and item statuses
  • Show matched items for combined cooking

Sync apps in less than a second.

Fast operation between cashier, self and kitchen apps.

Cashier Tablet
Cashier Mobile
Self Tablet
Self Mobile

Start using in minutes.

Setting up RiekiPOS for a simple store is easy. If you have short and straight forward workflows, all you need is preparing devices, then you can get the RiekiPOS system to function all on your own or if you prefer us to install, we will provide a quotation, so please ask us.

Why choose RiekiPOS?

Great apps, real support.

“RiekiPOS able to reduce the number of inputs that a cashier had to put in, adding up to a quicker dining experience within the restaurant. Definitely worth the Stars.”


“It was very fast for training. Because it’s simpler and quicker, our employees were able to pick it up in less time than they were for our previous system.”

Yakitori Jin

“Our orders come through the Kitchen display app. These app tablets are placed in each section. We just couldn’t survive without them now.”


“Kimika has a great stars support and customer service. Just the kind of omotenashi that we can’t get from any other.”


“RiekiPOS is a brilliant app. Switch between Pay first during lunch and Pay last during dinner trading hours really just in one tap.”


“In an early test run of RiekiPOS Self Tablet, we found that orders were 5-10% higher at self order tablets than at the counters. People buy with their eyes.”

Ramen Zundo

“What a Time-saver! RiekiPOS kitchen aliases capability, staff not just able to cook order and serve faster but also increase table turnover. Thank you RiekiPOS!”

Sushi Suma

Empower any type of workflow.

Spend more time on your business and less time managing your infrastructure.


$59 /mo
$39 /mo
Save 30% yearly billing

  • 1x Mobile Cashier app
  • 1x Print connect
  • 250 menu item setup
  • Fast technical support

$89 /mo
$59 /mo
Save 30% yearly billing

  • 2x Mobile Cashier app
  • 2x Print connect
  • 250 menu item setup
  • Fast technical support

$129 /mo
$89 /mo
Save 30% yearly billing

  • 2x Mobile Cashier app
  • 2x Kitchen app
  • 2x Print connect
  • 250 menu item setup
  • Fast technical support

RiekiPOS mobile cashier apps features.

Many premium time-saving tools are included.

  • How-to-use App Guide
  • Sample Store Data
  • Work on Mobile Phone Devices
  • Work on Tablet Devices
  • Arrange Table Layout
  • Multi User Access
  • Order Types
  • Void and Delete Order
  • Cancel Item and Refund Order
  • Discount and Fee
  • Menu Categories, Items and Options
  • Menu item images
  • Split and Combine Order Items
  • Move Table Order
  • Multiple Docket Copies
  • Customize Order Dockets
  • Customize Order Receipts
  • Daily Closing Report
  • Export Report CSV
  • Device Data Storage
  • Much more..

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Frequently asked questions.

At the simple level, you need a device, a device stand/cover, a receipt printer with Android mobile set, a cash drawer, a payment terminal, a kitchen printer/display device, an internet connection, a router and Rieki APP!

Yes, we can. Most popular one is Full account setup include data entry $250 which include setting up in system: your store details, printer receipt, menu items entry (upto 100 menu items), and kitchen section.

Yes, please contact support through contact form or send an email to

Riekipos app subscription includes up-to-date features in one seamless, integrated order taking experience. With a subscription, you’ll always have the latest features, fixes and security updates at no extra cost. You can choose to pay for your subscription on a monthly or yearly basis.

Call sales for further assistance.

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